We do this by:

Helping you make the right decision before investing in new technology by identifying the threats, risks and vulnerabilities while maximizing your return on investment

Developing policies, strategies, controls and the necessary accountability mechanisms to safeguard your technology investment

Assessing operational effectiveness of general IT and business process controls.

Evaluating Information Technology processes to determine suitable controls, compliant with policies and procedures and local legislation

Helping you understand how technology retiring can affect your bottom-line and manage technology End-of-Life issues

Managing your Vendor and Third-Party risks

Transforming and amplifying your defense capabilities for your data and infrastructure.

Managing your need for greater data access without compromising users’ personal privacy.

Measuring the impact of technology by:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) to identify the privacy impacts your new products or services will have and address the risks
  • Developing specialised policies to cover novel digital technologies and integrate within existing business models according to applicable data and privacy protection laws
  • Ethical and reliability assessments of Artificial Intelligence systems, with respect to EU fundamental rights and principles

Technology Risk Management 

If you press Fast Forward in the digital era, you want us by your side.

The rate at which technology is advancing today is overwhelming for many businesses. When you find yourself navigating in an unfamiliar territory while trying to innovate faster, trust and confidence are at risk.

As independent advisors, QuadPrime’s Technology Risk Services supports your efforts to navigate, innovate and thrive in the digital age. At the same time, we help you address the potential for technology failures to disrupt your business such as information security incidents or service outages. We go beyond traditional IT consultancy and cyber security to deliver optimal results. We do this by:

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