Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management Training for Executives


We live in the era of the big challenges. The challenges of globalisation, digitisation and new technology combined with the pace of change and increasing complexity are putting more pressure on organisations.   In order to effectively compete in today’s business environment organisations need to manage an array of risks and become more resilient. Furthermore, crises of all sorts strike executive officers’ agendas more often. Some of these have been external, caused by unforeseen events or lack of planned response, while others occur from inside the organisation.

For these reasons Risk management is becoming a critical tool which enables the organisation to achieve objectives and expectations and at the same time respond effectively to any disruptive event.


Purpose of the Training:

Provide attendees the knowledge and skills to successfully develop a simple and effective Risk Management framework and strategy based on internationally defined risks management terms and methodologies. The training programme will introduce risk management standard ISO 31000 Risk management — Principles and guidelines and other latest International best practices. Through a number of case studies and practice the attendees, upon completion of the training, will be expected to:



·         Familiarise with basic risk management terminology

·         Identify basic terms of Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Governance

·         Distinguish the different stages of the Risk Assessment cycle as defined by the ISO 31000:2009

·         Develop a strategic plan, framework and organisation for enterprise risk management

·         Discern basic documents required for effective documentation of risk identification and treatment

·         Define possible risks and consequences related to the context of their organisations (internal and external)

·         Develop a risk assessment and response plan for different risks

·         Accept risk management as a critical tool for the achievement of organisation’s objectives

·         Comply with the requirements of the new Management Standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for risk management.


Training duration:  6 hours