Pantelis Angelides - Founder, Principal Risk Management Consultant

Our Advisory Team

Marios Kyriakides - Security Risk Consultant

Our risk management team retains highly  skilled, highly experienced and highly regarded professionals supporting clients in all aspects of Risk Management, Compliance and Resilience today. We deploy the best mix of academics, scientists and practitioners in every project we engage to solve the most complex problems. 

QSecure is our technical partner that specializes in the provision of information security and information risk management services. Through security assessment, management and training services can help organisations assess and mitigate the risks that threaten information assets and impact business critical operations and reputational image. The QSecure’s services that can assess existing security defenses and improve security posture include: Penetration Testing, Red Team Operations, Client-Side Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Social Engineering Assessments, Web Application Security Assessments, Incident Handling & Forensic Investigations, IT General Controls Review. 

Mr. Kyriakides QuadPrime's advisor on Physical Security and investigations, is an experienced and effective security professional, with high degree of knowledge in security operations and a long service in large organisations. He undertakes security projects requiring specialised knowledge and expertise and supports organisations in crime prevention, mitigation of security risks and counterterrorism. 


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Mr Angelides has profound expertise and experience in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and Business Resilience as consultant and leader within a wide spectrum of organisations. He supports organisations to set up a risk framework which will help them systematically protect their value, build necessary resilience, provide for effective decision making for their leaders and comply with the vast regulatory framework of today's global business environment.