If you can't afford to unplug, then invest in an integrated framework for information security to assure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your business information and safeguard your operations and assets.  

Organisations today, invest a lot in systems and technology for improving business efficiency but also improving user experience; systems that are simple, easy to use and effective for business success. Information is one of the  most critical assets and the most frequently attacked and compromised.

Information security is no longer just an IT issue. Threats to information assets is a business issue and impacts many stakeholders in any organisation. Information risk management must be an essential part of your information security efforts. 

Our information risk based approach is an integral part of a comprehensive Information and Cyber Security management framework which will ensure that all internal and external threats and vulnerabilities are identified and robust controls are selected to enhance your resilience to information breaches.  

Infromation Security and Cyber Risk Management

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​​In this context, we accept that 100% defence from cyber attacks is not a realistic objective , hence our professional information security services combine both information protection and business resilience:

Information security risk assessment 

Development of Information Security policy and procedures which cover the whole organisation

Information vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Information Security employee awareness campaigns and training 

Information  and Cyber Security management framework (optional certification to ISO 27001).

Information security incidents handling

​Disaster recovery planning