Cyber risks and cyber-crime threaten an organization beyond the incident itself. Your reputation and stakeholder digital trust must be always considered.  

In today’s changing threat environment, QuadPrime gives you the confidence of knowing that our cyber crisis experts are positioned to work with you to set up a cyber security strategy and an operating model which will help you manage the risks from the beginning of the incident response life cycle and keep your business operating as smoothly as possible.

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We provide professional consulting services on Cyber Resilience through:

Cyber Resilience strategy, policy and organisational structure development

Continuous improvement of recovery capabilities

Analysis of threats and risks associated with your business and stakeholders

Developing comprehensive actions at both strategic and tactical levels to recover critical functions and address legal, social, operational, technological consequences following a major threat

Developing and facilitating effective simulation of response plans and training response teams using test scenarios and field drills​

Cyber Resilience 

Focusing only on cyber incident prevention isn’t enough.